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Start your journey "NOW" to becoming a healthier you, both mentally and physically! Athletes Body L.V. is an exclusive Mobile Personal Training service that caters to individuals who are ready to make an immediate change in their lifestyle through proper dieting and exercise, all while doing it in the comfort of your own home, office, gym, nearby park or even your favorite local gym. Rest assured,one of our Knowledgeable Trainers will come to you!  

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by training our clients with the knowledge obtained as former Athletes ,as well as the education learned through National certifications. Our Trainers have the greatest passion and respect for what we do! We accommodate everyone including youth ages 6 and up, individuals wanting to lose weight, athletes, senior citizens, stay-at-home moms, and more! 


Athletes Body L.V. was conceived in 2017 when owner Michael Newson Jr  saw the demand for individuals wanting to train "Where they felt most comfortable", in their homes ,offices, at parks or anywhere else outside of the local fitness gyms. With over two decades of experience as a Personal Trainer ,Boxing Coach and local gym owner . Mike has helped hundreds of individuals change their lives through his knowledge of proper Strength and Conditioning ,as well as educating individuals on the simplicity of how to sustain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. Mike also has more than 15 years experience as a USA Amateur and Professional Boxing Coach ,where he has worked with several Professional World Champions as well as Team USA at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Mike's focus on hard work and self discipline helped Team USA go on to win several Gold medals in International Championships in several countries such as Finland , Poland ,Germany, Bulgaria, Kiev ,Australia and more. Throughout his years as a Trainer, Mike saw the need to give individuals a chance to "WIN" their health back, and to do it in a place where "THEY" felt most comfortable. Thus Athletes Body L.V. was formed !


All of A.B.'s staff members are highly educated Trainers and former athletes themselves , which gives us the advantage over  most trainers. We have the flexibility to come to you whenever and wherever you are. We also offer 30,45,and 60 min sessions! From in-home gyms to parks, mountains, offices, and much more, we will get the job done right!

Continue browsing our website or contact us directly  to learn more about what we have to offer. We take pride in providing great customer service. 

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Testimonials From Our Clients 

" I started my son off in Boxing to get his self confidence up and to lose a couple of pounds,not only did Mike Newson teach him how to Box,he also taught him discipline,self respect and dedication. Lets just say we haven't had any problems with those bullies since last year....😎

Yours truly,

 Jack R.

" My wife and I were so intimidated to train in front of people at the local fitness gym,so we hired my cousins old trainer . Man was I thankful,these guys really know their Sh*@# ! I lost 15 pounds in 5-6 weeks !!! We tried every popular diet on the market and I even trained myself 5-7 days a week only to go down a few pounds and then bounce back up in weight time and time again... Thanks Josh and Mike for EVERYTHING ! Nothing is more important than being Healthy,without it,you have nothing."


David Corogon Jr.

My 8 week Transformation….

I started my fitness journey about 8 weeks ago at a weight of 230+ pounds and have since lost 15 pounds of fat while gaining lean muscle and strength. My energy has gone up, and my clothes even fit better. I'm starting to feel and look like the old me again, and I cant wait to hit my goals before I get married next Summer !! Stay tuned for my 12 week pics ! Thanks Mike @ Athletes Body for all your help! (UPDATED PICS COMING SOON )


Sidney T.

My 24 week Transformation….

"Athletes Body is by far the best group of Personal Trainers my husband and I have ever worked with"! Not only did I lose the 48 pounds I wanted,I now have more energy and focus, and all my medicals are the best they have been in 23 years" Thanks A.B !!!

Sincerely ,

Karen Porter

My 26 week Transformation….

All I can say is Mike Newson is the TRUTH " ! I went from a 48" waist to a 36" inch waist in 7 months with NO steroids and no cabinet full of Supplements ! Would have been sooner but I traveled like crazy and couldn't take him with me, Lol..... Like Mike always says,Hard work and "Health before Wealth" !

Forever in debt to you,

~ Rich C.

My 2 year Transformation….

" Hello,my name is Lisa. I've been training with Mike at Athletes Body L.V. now for almost 2 years. Initially I wanted to get in good enough shape for the local Tough Mudder competition but I was very self conscious about going into a public gym to train and even to embarrassed to hire a Personal trainer. So I got referred by my best friend who was having some great results with her in home trainer. Long story short,after a few months of training with Mike and his team, I started dropping weight like crazy and  I am now in the best shape of my life and ADDICTED to training with these guys ! Thanks Mike,Mari,and Luke for changing my life!

Love you guys,

Shawny Jones

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